Our vision is to provide nourishing food and to build a community of healthy eaters. Our menu is inspired by classic flavours, variety of food and natural healthiness of the ingredients. We are striving to serve food that tastes good and does good.
As mentioned in the story of the Garden of Eden – a place lush with utopia of flora and fauna, we believe in serving the freshest food full of goodness at EDEN. We strive to procure organic, inspiring and as natural and seasonally available ingredients as possible. The food served here doesn’t have refined flour, refined sugar and any other type of processed or canned food.

We prepare food with lots of affection and care with the aim of retaining as much of its natural goodness and wholesomeness as possible. The food at EDEN goodness cafe is for all – from gym lovers, fitness enthusiasts, yoga practitioners, foodies and for everyone who believe in the magic of wholesome food and healthy living.

Welcome to your very own Goodness Cafe!
*The dietary suggestions like vegan, gluten-free, etc are not certified for medical condition. Please mention if you have any allergies while placing the order.

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